Nominations are invited for the 6 posts of national Executive members.

The period of office for the current National Executive Members is 2 years, ending June 2017 and therefore elections must take place in line with the constitution for the period 2017-2019.

This is your opportunity to get involved with your association. If only one aspect below attracts your attention then send in a nomination.

Bring along skills, knowledge and experience in Safety and Health matters affecting the Care Sector.
We have plans to widen membership, so help us reach out to all the care sector, developing effective marketing plans and promotional ideas.

Make us the “must belong to” Association for Social Care.
  • Represent your Association at care sector events;
  • Help plan for future events, seminars and conferences;
  • Have the power to influence the sector and set standards;
  • Can you bring experience in managing an association?
  • Promoting safety and health with a chance to make a real difference;
  • Ensure the Executive is representative of its members;
  • Work with other “non safety” organisations to effect change.
Nominations will be accepted electronically  by email to and must include the following:
a) Name of person(s) nominated;    b) Name of proposer.
Persons nominated and those proposing. must be Members of NASHiCS.

Please ensure that the nominee has agreed to stand and will be able to get involved..
>  attend a minimum of 2 National Executive meetings a year,
>  input to chosen project groups, & work with others offering guidance,
> engage & make us well known across all social media platforms.

More information on the role can be obtained either by contacting your National Officers, Chris or Andy and/or any current National Executive  Members & Richard  Administrator.. Tel 07840160030