Unlawful death ruling in Barnsley man’s inquest

A MAN whose health condition meant he was only supposed to be given mashed food was ‘unlawfully killed’ when his support worker took him to a pub for a burger, causing him to choke to death.
An inquest, held in Sheffield this week, was told that despite expert guidance making it clear solid foods were a risk to the life of Tony Wilkinson, 57, from Barnsley, support workers provided him with unsuitable meals.
This included being taken for fish and chips at the seaside a week before his death, and then taken for a meal at a Manchester Airport pub for a burger which he choked on.

Stars Social Support, based in Dodworth, had been commissioned by the council to provide care services to Tony since 2014.
Following a choking incident in February 2018, Stars staff were required to provide 24-hour care to Tony.
Coroner Abigail Combes advised the jury they could conclude ‘unlawful killing’ if they considered the case to meet the test for either corporate manslaughter or gross negligence manslaughter. More