Employee seriously burned. Empty & clean the commercial oil fryer in the kitchen.

We recognise that the item below was in a Hotel, but the messages are just as related to social care — it makes you shudder when you read it that this can still happen.

Holiday Inn Express, Dunstable fined for health and safety breach.
A serious health and safety breach at the Holiday Inn Express in Dunstable has seen the responsible parties have to pay fines and costs totalling £16,830.
Employee was instructed by a manager to empty & clean the commercial oil fryer in the kitchen.
He picked up the filled container & was immediately burned from oil melting through the thin plastic container that had been
provided for the job.
The individual dropped the container onto the floor, slipped and fell into the hot oil, receiving second & third degree burns to the arms, legs & torso, covering approximately 10% of the body.
As a result, the employee is physically scarred & has not worked since, subsequently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, in the same year, the individual was working whilst an armed robbery took place at the hotel.