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National Chair Annual Report 3rd June 2020

Events for 2021 – dates for your diary.

learn NEW ways – deploy NEW skills – forge NEW links

For your information we have reviewed our event offerings for the rest of this year,  meaning a number of changes comply with the ” Government Safety Measures”

Virtual events on line.

****Conversation and Catch Up. (C&C)
Join us for our free fortnightly live virtual conversation & catch up to discuss topical issues. Members and Non Members  welcome.

Join us at the next C&C Tuesday 16th March 2021.

****More dates planned:
Tuesday on 16th;30th March.
Time:10.30am to 11.30 am via Zoom.
A chance to see & chat with fellow members about the issue of the day, share a solution, or just find out what’s going on ! (don’t forget  bring your beverage of choice)
For further details & how to sign for these free events  Click here

New events added.

****Webinar – Carer Safety-Caring Safely.                   Sponsored by
Date: Tuesday March 16th 2021
Time: 2.15pm – 4.00pm
Cost: Free to Members and non members
Programme:Speakers & to Book: > here
Overview: The Webinar will focus on Safety Risk Reduction and Infection Control for Carers and those being cared for while using care home equipment.

*****Webinar – Wellbeing & Mental Health for Social Care.
Tuesday 13th April 2021
Time: 2.15-4.15pm
Cost: Free to Members and non members
Programme: Speakers & to Book: Here
Overview: During this webinar take the opportunity to consider your organisations position on these far reaching topics. As they move up the agenda, reflect & hear some initial thoughts around health & wellbeing, strategically & locally, alongside managing our greater use of digital platforms & how the HSE approaches this area of workplace health.

****Webinar – Mock Court Case.
Tuesday 11th May 2021
Time: 1.30pm to 4.00pm
Cost: Free to Members and non members
Overview: Mock Court Case.This will be an insightful and interactive webinar and we would be delighted if you can attend to join the discussion
To book TBC

****Forum Lancashire has a new date of Tuesday 8th June 2021,
Same location & same programme,so delegate bookings & exhibitor bookings will be transferable.
Programme  Here & Bookings Open

Covid-19 Message to All.

There is a wealth of information on the Covid-19 pandemic issued by the four countries of the UK.
To date NASHiCS published below  items mainly concerning Health & Safety in the Care sector.
However the pace of the change to the instructions issued by the 4 countries of the United kingdom
We therefore point you to the official web-site links as shown below.
Chris Jackson, National Chair.

You will see that we now refer you to the following links.
UPDATES Covid-19.

 *  Central Government UK. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus
 *  Scottish Government. https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/
 *  Welsh Government. https://gov.wales/coronavirus
 *  Northern Ireland Executive. https://www.health-ni.gov.uk/coronavirus
 *  Health & Safety Executive (HSE.)https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/index.htm
 *  Care Inspectorate Scotland.
 *  Care Inspectorate Wales. https://careinspectorate.wales/
 *  The Regulation & Improvement Authority (Northern Ireland).
 *  Care Quality Commission (CQC). Public Information.
*   Care Quality Commission (CQC). Provider Information.
 *  National Health Service (NHS).
 *  Health Protection Scotland.
 *  Health Service Wales.
 *  NI Direct https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/campaigns/coronavirus-covid-19.

Remember to refresh your links each time you access as situations are changing frequently.

Legionnaires’ disease: lockdown risks and reopening safely.  CIEH.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there is the potential for an increased number of people to be susceptible to Legionnaires’ disease due to a compromised respiratory system during or after infection with COVID -19. Details

HSE publishes updated guidance on risks when disinfecting premises during Covid -19.

HSE & public health bodies in England, Wales & Scotland have agreed joint advice on the risks to health from walk-through disinfecting systems for duty holders considering using them to reduce transmission of coronavirus. 

Cleaning premises using fog, mist or UV treatment.

Fog, mist, vapour or UV (ultraviolet) treatments may be suitable options to help control the spread of coronavirus, by cleaning and disinfecting a larger space or room.
Any use of these treatments for these purposes should form part of your COVID-19 risk assessment.
Users must be competent and properly trained.

COVID-19 Vaccination programme 2021.

Documents relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme. Details.

Click on image to see this video aimed at everyone who has the COVID-19 vaccine to help them understand why it is important to continue to follow the hands, face, space and ventilate guidelines. Details

21+ million vaccinations 1st dose completed.

Visiting arrangements in Care Homes.

From Monday 8 March, residential care providers can facilitate single named visitors for all residents. One person can now be named as a regular visitor who must follow strict infection control measures, including testing.
Sets out how care homes can support families and visitors to visit residents from
8th March. Details  05/03/2021

Designated settings for people with Covid-19 leaving hospital.

CQC is continuing to work with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), local authorities and individual care providers to provide assurance of safe and high-quality care in designated settings, which are part of a scheme to allow people with a COVID-positive test result to be discharged safely from hospitals. Details

Designated Settings Indemnity Support.  FAQ’s.

To ensure safe care for people discharged from hospital with a  Covid-19 positive test, CQC has worked with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), local authorities and individual care providers to create the Designated Setting scheme. Designated Settings Indemnity Support will enable care homes assured by CQC as designated settings, or intending to be assured by CQC, and which are not able to obtain sufficient insurance, to overcome this barrier to accepting infectious COVID-19 positive patients from the NHS  Jan 2021. More info & FAQ’s  

Actions for care colleagues testing positive for COVID-19

“Under no circumstances should care staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of whether they are displaying symptoms or not, work in a care setting until the legally required period of self-isolation has ended. Read more

Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing.

This guide explains how to test yourself using Lateral Flow tests (LFD) and self-report results to the NHS. It is specifically for Care Home staff & Care Home managers who are self-testing at home.Get more help at http://www.gov.uk/covid19-self-test-help including demonstration videos and instructions in alternative languages.
Step by step guide details 03/02/21

Social Work Week 2021.

List of events by dates. Monday 8 March 2021 to Friday 12 March Details

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