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Regional Seminars/Forums.

Forum for Safety and Health 15th May 2019. Lyndir House Nr. Chester.
“Lets be Crystal Clear”

Fire Safety Seminar 19th/20th September 2018 – Fire Service College.
“Too Hot to Handle”  “Think Positive-Less Reactive”

Forum for Safety & Health 12th June 2018 – Edinburgh COSLA Haymarket
“Think Positive-Less Reactive”

Forum for Safety & Health 17th May 2018- Cardiff-Holiday Inn Central
“Think Positive-Less Reactive”

October 4th 2016 Forum for Safety- Europa Hotel Belfast.
“Know you landscape – Safety and Health Matters”

September 13th 2016 Forum for Safety- Doubletree Hilton Hotel Lincoln.
“Know you landscape – Safety and Health Matters”

May 10th 2016 Forum for Safety – Holiday Inn North Hotel, Cardiff
“Know you landscape – Safety and Health Matters”

March 22nd 2016 Forum for Safety- Norton House Hotel Edinburgh
“Know you landscape – Safety and Health Matters”

April 21st 2015 Spring Seminar – Telford Hotel.
“To Fall or Not to Fall”

April 15th 2014 Spring Seminar- Stirling Highland Hotel.
‘Enable them, Empower them, it’s your call’

October 9th 2013 Capital Event -Radisson Blu Hotel Belfast.
‘Moving forward- sharing best practice’

March 13th 2013 Spring Seminar – Marriott Hotel Glasgow
‘New challenges – manage the risks’

Nov 22nd 2012 Capital Event – Coin Street Centre -London
‘Health and Safety – Dignity or Red tape – Where do YOU stand?

April 3rd   2012 Capital Event – COSLA Centre -Edinburgh
‘Safer Together Moving Forward’

Nov 9th    2011 Capital Event – All Nations Centre -Cardiff
‘My Home. My Life. I’ll Take the Risks’

Nov 17th  2010 John Charles Leisure Centre -Leeds
Personally Fit and Focused’

Oct 13th   2009 Arlington Arts Centre -Newbury Berkshire                                 ‘Personalisation – now its personal’

Oct  16th  2008 Snibston Museum -Leicestershire
‘Protecting your People’

Oct 18th   2007 Heritage Motor Museum -Warwick
‘Hot Topics’

Oct 11th   2006 Redwither Tower Complex, Wrexham                                              ‘Physical Intervention and Lone Working’

Oct  20th  2005 Deafblind Centre Peterborough
‘Enforcement and You’

April 7th    2005 Deaf blind Centre Peterborough                                                      ‘Smoking – Problems and Solutions in the Care Sector’

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