Gas Safety Week.

Show your support for keeping the nation gas safe this Gas Safety Week, 13-19 September.

The annual campaign brings consumer organisations, the gas industry & individuals together to provide a
focus on all gas safety communications in one week, with the aim of generating media interest & creating greater public awareness of gas safety. This year’s campaign runs 13 – 19 September.

It takes just a few seconds to sign up and pledge your support for the week.  Get the tips articles leaflets and. MORE


Social Care sector to receive £290million boost

Social Care sector to receive £290million to boost staffing levels & testing.

The funding is to protect and support staff and residents in care homes and those receiving help in their own homes. 19th January 2021

  • New £120 million fund for local authorities to boost staffing levels.
  • £149 million grant system to support increased testing in care homes.

The new £120 million funding will help local authorities to boost staffing levels, a direct ask of the sector. The funding can:

  • provide additional care staff where shortages arise
  • support administrative tasks so experienced and skilled staff can focus on providing care
  • help existing staff to take on additional hours if they wish with overtime payments or by covering childcare costs Details 

SOCIAL CARE 2020 and beyond

COVID 19 webinar – 25th November.
We held a COVID19 webinar, this included a panel of NASHiCS members who shared their own organisations take on what evolved over the last months of the pandemic, including how they had been impacted, what had surprised them and what the future may be like.
Delegates could engage with the panel via on-line polling covering RIDDOR guidance, role of    regulators & mental health support ,as well as asking questions via Q & A Chat box.

The webinar started with DAC Beachcroft launching their new report, including contributions from NASHiCS, entitled Social Care 2020 and beyond more below

For the social care sector to thrive, regulation and governance will need careful attention.

Social care in England is a jigsaw puzzle – a patchwork of providers, funding and regulation. This leads to major variations in the standard and quality of care.

Social care_ 2020 and beyond