Additional Guidance for Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes.

Additional Guidance for Fire Safety in Residential Care Homes

Review Statement Oct 2019. Please Note.

In agreement with the NFCC (previously CFOA) it has been agreed that the additional guidance on residential care   premises will still stand and not be reviewed until the outcome of the Hackitt report is finalised and we have          scrutinised the implications in conjunction with the NFCC representative.”  — NASHiCS.
Members have been asking when?

No time scales at present but there will be a meeting in London with interested parties on the 31st January to discus.

CLG Guide Additional Guidance Document REV2016 DRAFT Final July 16 on CFOA site

Information from USA sites sent to us.

The links listed below have been submitted to NASHiCS from American readers who thought that the information could be useful when gathering information for dealing with safety issues and the elderly..

Naturally they are advice provided to USA citizens so must be read with this in mind.

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