HSE enforcement action prompts warning- lack of “Face Fit” testing.

HSE enforcement action prompts warning to health and care providers on COVID-19 respiratory protective equipment.

HSE has announced that it has taken enforcement action against an NHS Trust in relation to a lack of “Face Fit” testing for respiratory protective equipment (RPE) in the early days of the pandemic.
Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust was providing RPE to its staff for certain procedures, but HSE’s investigation found that not all persons had received adequate Face Fit testing to ensure that the RPE was sealed to the wearer’s face.

The investigation was conducted after the tragic death of FGH radiographer Simon Guest from the virus in April 2020.  Read

Employee seriously burned. Empty & clean the commercial oil fryer in the kitchen.

We recognise that the item below was in a Hotel, but the messages are just as related to social care — it makes you shudder when you read it that this can still happen.

Holiday Inn Express, Dunstable fined for health and safety breach.
A serious health and safety breach at the Holiday Inn Express in Dunstable has seen the responsible parties have to pay fines and costs totalling £16,830.
Employee was instructed by a manager to empty & clean the commercial oil fryer in the kitchen.
He picked up the filled container & was immediately burned from oil melting through the thin plastic container that had been
provided for the job.
The individual dropped the container onto the floor, slipped and fell into the hot oil, receiving second & third degree burns to the arms, legs & torso, covering approximately 10% of the body.
As a result, the employee is physically scarred & has not worked since, subsequently suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Additionally, in the same year, the individual was working whilst an armed robbery took place at the hotel.



care home provider fined £495,170 failing to provide safe care

Cheltenham care home provider ordered to pay £495,170 after failing to provide safe care & treatment.

A care provider has been ordered to pay £495,170 after it failed to protect residents from avoidable harm.
Lifeways Community Care Limited, which operated Alstone House Cheltenham,
It was also ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge &  £35,000 costs to the CQC which brought this prosecution.
Alstone House was a residential care home that  supported adults who had physical disabilities,
learning disabilities and some who had acquired brain injuries. Read

Care home owners fined £1m over death of resident scalded in bath.

The owners of the home, Aster Healthcare Ltd, were charged with corporate manslaughter following an investigation by  police & HSE staff after a resident died after suffering burns at Birdsgrove nursing home in Bracknell in 2015,
The Guardian reported.

They admitted the charge when they appeared at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The sentencing concluded with the huge fine of £1.04m against the company & suspended prison sentences for the manager of the home & one of the staff who         supervised the bath time.
Aster Healthcare Ltd, of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey was  fined £1.04 million to be paid over three years.  Read More


Care provider fined for failing to manage risk of service user.

The Action Group, who provides support to children & adults, has been fined £20,000 after HSE investigated how risks to staff were assessed, in the wake of an attack on an employee by one of its service users.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard that a female employee of the Action Group was abducted, assaulted, sexually assaulted and raped in 2018 while visiting the home of a male service user to provide support and care.

The group was fined £20,000. Read More


Nottinghamshire care provider fined after woman was raped.

A care provider has been fined £363,000 after it failed to protect people it cared for from sexual assault.

The care company, which cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to failing to protect a woman who was resident at a care home it runs in Nottinghamshire from abuse & improper treatment.
This resulted in her being sexually assaulted.

It also pleaded guilty to exposing the home’s other residents to significant risk of avoidable harm by failing to safeguard them from the risk of abuse.

The company was also ordered to pay £12,441.28 costs to the CQC, which
prosecuted these criminal offences.



Care Home provider ordered to pay £33,661 after failing to provide safe care and treatment.

A care provider has been ordered to pay £33,661.60 at
Plymouth Magistrates’ Court, after it failed to protect residents from avoidable harm.

Teignbridge House Care Home Ltd which runs

Teignbridge House  Devon, was fined £21,000 in court in July
It was also ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge & costs of £12,491.60.
The prosecution concerns unrestricted window
 in a  first-floor bedroom at the home. The resident subsequently fell
landing on the concrete below & sustaining a number of life changing injuries.
Following this incident, the provider undertook an audit of
windows in the home. A further 17 windows were identified as lacking window restrictors, exposing other service users a number of whom suffered from dementia,
to a significant risk of avoidable harm. More here