Health and Safety Guidelines for Home Care Workers

Unison has produced this guide

Home care workers can face considerable work related health and safety risks. Activities such as lifting and moving those receiving care, lone working as well as their exposure to infections, violence and abuse and more general hazards, such as slips and trips mean that it is essential that good health and safety practices are in place.


A personal view of health and safety in UK after Lord Young’s Report

Soon after the new coalition government came to power they asked Lord Young to carry out a review of health and safety in the UK. What the resulting report (Common Sense, Common Safety) said was not a surprise to anyone who is a health and safety professional because they had been saying much the same things for years.
Health and safety has increasingly been used as a stick to beat people with rather than a means of protecting them. This misuse of Regulation has not in the main come from professionals but from people who have used fear of the law for the own ends or to further their own agenda. Continue reading

Rights, Risks and Restraints.

An exploration into the use of restraint in the care of older people.

A CSCI report originally issued in November 2007

Respecting people’s basic human rights to dignity, freedom and respect underpin
good quality social care. People may need support in managing their care and making
decisions but they have the right, whether in their own home or in a care home, to
make choices about their lives and to take risks.

Social care services have responsibilities to keep people safe from harm and to ensure
their safety. It is this need to balance people’s rights to freedom and to make choices
with ensuring people are safe that is at the heart of this exploration into the use of
restraint in the care of older people.

Policy on Smoking

West Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust (WLPCT) as a healthcare provider needs to ensure that it sets an example to other organisation’s, promotes public health and also creates an environment that minimises the health risks to members of the public who access the service.
West Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust – Revised Policy On Smoking