Health and Safety in Kitchen Environment – Fire in the Kitchen


Fire safety in the kitchen … don’t get burnt!

In the final edition of our series on health and safety in the kitchen, we consider the importance of fire safety.

As the responsible person under fire safety legislation, care providers have a duty to carry out (and review) fire risk assessments of their premises, implement appropriate safety measures, plan for emergencies and provide employees with relevant information, instruction and training.


The fire risk assessment should identify potential sources of ignition, substances that burn and people who may be at risk.  In the care setting, it is particularly important to identify if any particular service users are at increased risk and what measures can be put in place to minimise this risk.  The importance of this is highlighted by the findings of a Fatal Accident Inquiry carried out in Scotland after 14 people died in a care home fire in 2004.  The Inquiry found that………..

NASHiCS Fire safety in the kitchen article Jan 2015