Capital Event Edinburgh 2012

After the morning break

Marcia Ramsay. External relations Manager for the Care Inspectorate.

She gave details on the organisation.1year old after 3 organisations combined, her job as manager of specialist health care section.

Memorandum of understanding.Partnerships agreements and information sharing protocols. Duty of cooperation. 15,000 Care Services in Scotland with 2006 care homes.

From April 2011 a new structure – new alignment to LA and Health Boards.

National Complaints and enquiries team.

Increased unannounced inspections. Integrated inspections with children’s services and adults from October.

Two new duties about outcome for people who use services. Explained the purpose of the new service. Frequency of inspections 1-per year. Service is very much about Risk assessments. Three year change programme. Progressive integration of function.

She stated that HSE are the lead for Health and Safety – Areas of shared interest.

They have an electronic reporting procedure which gives the details of what to report. She spoke about their role in respect of Health and Safety. There to signpost.

You don’t need to own problems on your own.

Lots of organisations to help. Involve families and carers.
She explained role in respect of fire safety.
Fire and Rescue are the lead. Interim MOU’s.
Questions covered Fire safety – fire drills at 2am by the Care inspector.

Care Inspectorate should not be advising on fire safety.
Grading when inspecting and general care standards.
How do you know what is safe and not safe currently
having dialogue with Fire and Health and Safety e.g. training.

We are Care Inspectors. We are lay persons in relation to Health and Safety and Fire Safety.

Questions session about frequency of inspections rounded off an information packed session.

Karen McDonnell introduced herself.
Spoke about the route map in Scotland. Hub of Health and Safety in Scotland is a partnership
She chairs POOSH in Scotland. This discusses specific issues – shares good practice and comes up with actions. Common initiatives. Promotes professional standards and competences.
Spoke about IOSH conference.

Safe ‘partnerships’
Scottish Chamber of Safety (9 groups).
Sector specific networks – NASHiCS ideal for another.
Spoke about personal and organisations opportunities.
Spoke about the benefits of networking.

Share point

Pleased with the NASHiCS Share Point. She had added information on Occupational Road risk for delegates.
She summarised the benefits of working together.