Capital Event Edinburgh 2012

After lunch

Alan Smith Group Commander Community Safety (Enforcement) Strathclyde Fire and Rescue,
gave an excellent overview of the cause and failings of this tragic fire with the slides and diagrams.

Colin Hird Head of Fire and Structure Buildings Standards, Scottish Government then spoke about what actions have taken place after the fire.
He spoke about Ministers saying sprinklers would have saved lives.
Scottish Ministers ordered advisory fire service visits.

He explained the research brief from the BRE.
Benchmarking test – The cupboard.
Test 1 – Reconstruction of the fire
Test 2 – Effect of sprinklers.
Test 3 – Use of fire doors. Gas readings – carbon monoxide – lethal dosage.
Also ventilation duct tests.

Fatal incident inquiry.
16 interested parties. 212 Witnesses. 141 days to produce report. Published 20/04/2011.
Where and when deaths took place.
Spoke about the post action by Rosepark owners. Look at    re fire safety.

Now 5 watches (Fire Crews) covering each Scottish care home. Each crew must visit once per year. Both speakers took a number of questions related to assisted living to storage in cupboards. Following on from this session the day rounded with questions to the panel of speakers.

Karenthen summarised the day and speakers promised to provide answers to some of the questions posed which needed some checking and thought.

Thanks to the Speakers

Chris thanked all who attended and also to the organising team and the centre staff who provided excellent service and food and beverages throughout the day.

The questions have all been answered by email to the delegates that attended along with the presentation slides and papers and report on the fire at ‘Rosepark examination of the facts’ following the event. The document A124 ‘Responding to incidents in a Residential Care Home’ produced by Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service.

The evaluation forms returned were very positive and NASHiCS intends to visit Scotland again in the future.

See the details of the Evaluation

Seminar Summary evaluation April 2012