Capital Event London 2012

After the morning coffee break.



Jan Burns, Independent Chair of National Dignity Council posed the question,
Can dignity really be affected by health and safety actions, be they well meaning or risk driven?’
She began by examining what dignity meant to people in the room and looked at some descriptions. Under the heading of Reforming Care and Support she outlined and discussed 5 statements –
• Maintaining independence;
• Quality;
• Dignity & Respect;
• Taking control;
• How care and support works.

Jan went on to describe the Ten Point Dignity Challenge

and used case studies to demonstrate how you can consider both health and safety and dignity.

The next speaker was David Hulton, Health & Safety Manager, Anchor Trust,  and members of the NASHiCS Executive who updated everyone on the progress of the NASHiCS Fire Safety Working Group’s latest challenge exploring issues arising out of fire safety in Sheltered Accommodation.
He explained that they are looking at the different models of sheltered accommodation and working with CFOA with a view to producing Additional Guidance for operators.


Lunch  and an opportunity for delegates to network,


The presentation from the HSE, Health & Social Care Unit was conducted by Steve Scott and Matthew Hamar.
They gave everyone a current events update and an outline of the HSE work programme for 2013.
They said there would be no proactive inspection programme in Social Care but a reactive response to accidents and occurrences.
They also outlined actions arising from the Lofstedt review and indicated that HSG220 was at last due to enter a period of consultation – planned for December 12th.
On the question of Direct Payments they said that complex care was unlikely to be exempted from the HSW Act, sec 51, because it is not domestic care in the accepted sense.
There are also likely to be changes to the bed rails specifications from April 2013.

The final presentation was given by Jamin Wilson, Managing Director, Rose Hygiene, the Key Event Sponsor and entitled Infection Control, Culture & COSHH.
Jamin talked about collaboration over infection control with customers through partnership and explored how people can be persuaded to do the right thing.
During a lively talk he argued that if you are required to always do the right thing you need to know why you have to do it.
Before closing, Jamin offered all delegates a free copy of his DVD about Infection Control.