National Learning & Development Forum 2012

A break for tea/coffee, networking and exhibition viewing was followed by Breakout Sessions C&D.

Session C was about Getting to Grips With Handling and was presented by Julia Love, Chair of the National Back Exchange and Ruth Boulton, Specialist Inspector from HSE.

Julia opened the session by talking about various hoisting accidents and sharing examples including the fact that most incidents involved somebody falling out of the hoist. However she felt the biggest problem was that many hoists in use are simply worn out and not being maintained properly.

Ruth then went on to talk about a range of reported incidents to HSE and what went wrong in each case. She gave many informative examples indicating the problems that gave rise to the incidents and recommended an HSE guidance note, Getting to Grips with Hoisting People
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For clarification Ruth said that there should be a six monthly check of slings and six monthly LOLER checks. It has also been discovered that marker pens used on slings should not contain xylene because it degrades slings over time.

The two speakers closed by saying that they are preparing guidance notes, to be issued by HSE, for use of hoists/slings and the application of the LOLER Regulations.

Session D covered Fire Safety and was given by Andy Cloke, Group Fire Safety Manager, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Services.

Andy began by discussing the Health Memorandum 88 – Fire precautions in housing providing NHS-supported living in the community, that is aimed at small premises with less than 6 persons and provides benchmarking and standards in care and supported living –
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Next he outlined the LACoRS/CFOA document, Housing Fire Safety, which is aimed at sheltered accommodation where care is not given –
Andy then recommended the HM Government Residential Care Guide and the Additional Guidance which NASHiCS helped to produce –

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Next he discussed the Communities and Local Government Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document B, which provides further important information –
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Finally he referred to the Local Government Group, Fire Safety in purpose-built blocks of flats –
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Before closing Andy outlined the benefits of sprinklers in domestic dwellings.

The final Forum session before lunch was presented by an international guest, Christa Monkhouse, Board Member – Switzerland, European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (ERAHSA).

Christa talked about nursing homes as a workspace for carers with an accent upon workplace design and she said there is a clash between creating a homely environment and a place where carers have to work. She went on to give many examples of how in nursing homes poor design can place undue stress upon staff who have to work around obstacles constantly whilst trying to deliver care services. The workplace needs to be functional for staff as well as those receiving care within it.

Lunch and exhibition viewing was followed by two final breakout sessions.