Seminar Arlington 2009

Many questions were difficult to answer at this stageHSE – HSW would apply if self employed.
Risk Management – Civil liability – difficult questions to answer.
Suffolk CC – View on MH – will provide training free of charge. Bespoke training only i.e. what is absolutely necessary.
HSE – training targeted at the task required. LA’s could be a resource implication.
Suffolk CC – Day 1 = mandatory, Day 2 = bespoke.
Insurance – Insurance Question: (personal injury). Civil Claim – insurance will look for the deepest pocket i.e. the LA. LA is giving out this money and has a duty of care. Lots of difficult questions.
SCIE – Spirit of personalisation – users are experts on their own care – people are not feckless. Framework required – balanced – empowering. Users to have an opinion. Believe it or don’t – technical issues.
Balance recognising what we need. Working with vulnerable people to find root causes. Already have RA’s in place for most of these people. Legislation not really in place yet.
Question: Communication – could we be in separate worlds.
NASHiCS – Summit of these issues. We need to revisit issues to find solutions. Regulator or Legislator – would be the best person.

Question: Person knows what they want. Advocacy becomes more prevalent.
It was acknowledged by all who had taken part in the workshops how useful and informative these sessions had proved to be.

And finally …….
Chris Jackson National Chair
updated Members on the recent activities of the Associaitons and then closed the Seminar by formally thanking all of today’s speakers and especially thanked the sponsors with whom the delegates were able to view new products, systems and obtain technical and practical information.

Chris also thanked Andy Hollingshead Health and Safety Adviser, Leicestershire County Council, for organising this very successful day.
Chris also thanked the Centre Administrator, Lynda Chandler, and all the staff of the Arlington Centre for their excellent service.
He announced that the next NASHICS conference will be held on 1st July 2010.







Thanks to our sponsors of the event – Travellers – Sitex Orbiz – Praetorian Safe Guard – Global – Gipping Healthcare – Weightmans – Praxis 42 – Vodafone – Spectrum Healthcare (Hospital Aids).

The summary of the evaluations from those attending the seminar at Arlington Arts Centre once again approved of the event.
The day was well attended with 67 persons attending.
The evaluation showed the highest approval rating so far for the seminars held over the years.
The weather on the day was perfect for a practical demonstration of fire training equipment