Seminar Leeds 2010

NASHiCS – update on the Association’s activities.

NASHiCS National Chair, Chris Jackson, returned to the stage to present delegates with an update on the Association’s achievements and also future projects.

2011 will see a recruitment drive to encourage more people to join the association.  We have re-branded as you can see from the new leaflet and folders that have been distributed today.

The web site now contains a safety information portal (SIP).  This currently contains 3 safety bulletins.  The first bulletin can be viewed in the general area but the remaining documents are located in the member’s only area.

The Association continues to raise awareness with press releases, conferences and events like today’s seminar.  Conference and Seminar reports are published in Caring UK, The Carer and Care Management UK.
Chris encouraged members to use the forum area of the web site – the more it is used the better it becomes.

There is now the ability to sign up for email ‘alerts’ to be sent to you, however you have to opt into this it will not be done automatically.

We continue to maintain links with the HSE, National Care Forum, CSCIE and work with a range of other organisations, sharing information and global group working.

The New Year will see a members survey – please tell us what you think of the Association as it well help us develop according to the needs of members.

There will be a National Executive meeting on January 12th 2011.  If you are interested in joining the Executive email your details or speak to an Executive member.

In March there will be a series of networking events.  The first event will be held in Gateshead on 8th March, followed by events in Leicester, London and Bounemouth – further details to be published soon.  Our principle event will be held on 29th – 30th June in Nottingham.

Chris went on to introduce the next item on the agenda – The Open Forum.

Update from HSE Health and Social Care Unit:

The following information was supplied by the HSE’s Matthew Hamar (via email)

• HSG 220 – delays in completing this re-write – reasons for this are mainly down to workload / priorities. As with all new guidance clearance will be needed before release. Not sure on realistic date at present but it is not going to be until New Year at earliest. It would be useful to know the views of NASHICS on the usefulness / importance of this document – perhaps comments could be sent to Bal Saini at HSE who leads on this re-write. I understand you attended the Residential Forum where this publication was discussed and the need to balance risk with fulfilling lives etc.

• Legionella CD – ‘Control of Legionella in hot and cold water systems (using temperature control) – care settings’ – this is very near completion and it is hoped a CD version will be ready by end on November. Limited number available but should be able to share enough with NASHICS.  A Business case has been submitted to have CD put on website but will need to await outcome of this.

• Section 51 – Legal advice received indicating that persons employing domestic staff or carers (e.g. through direct payments) within their own private domestic dwelling fall outside HSWA.

• Lord Young Review released and this has set some objectives for HSE – particular emphasis on reducing  burden on low risk environments. Generic checklists to be developed for some workplaces / activities as highlighted in report.

• HSE cut of 35% in funding over 4 year period which does mean HSE will need to critically examine everything it does. This process has begun and as soon as decisions are made I will update you accordingly.

• Productive workshops with CQC / LG Regulation looking at roles. HSE sees CQC as lead regulator on quality of care and service user / patient safety issues. HSE feels that CQC should lead on safety topics traditionally led by HSE.

• Electric Showers – Incident at a LA enforced premises resulted in scalding contributing to death. Shower was domestic electric type which when tested allowed temperatures to exceed 60 Degrees C under certain conditions (e.g. fluctuations in pressure / flow). CQC, CSSIW and Scottish care Regulators have been informed of the incident. Hope to revise HSE scalding SIM to reflect potential issue but unsure of full extent of risk in care homes. LACORS also informed. I have attached a copy of an advisory note draft sent out by CSSIW in Wales for further info.

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The seminar concluded with thanks to Andy Hollingshead Executive Member for organising the day and to Richard Walder NASHiCS Administrator.

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